What is Redaptics

Redaptics is a contemporary approach to meditation for the modern-minded person.

The methodology is contemporary insofar that the practice is not associated with any worldview. On the contrary: meditation is primarily viewed as a function of consciousness, that allows the mind and brain to continuously control itself, to self-correct, to renew, to re-adapt – for why one can benefit from the multi-faceted effects for one’s wellbeing.

The name Redaptics (re = again, anew; apt = join) indicates the mind’s or brain’s tendency to renew itself by the utilization of consciousness. In this context in particular, the redaptation and redaptivity is heightened by the meditative state of consciousness, also called silence, emptiness, witnessing consciousness, peace of mind, or fourth state of consciousness.

Action and stillness are no opposites in this state, and the mind becomes more flexible. Many people have experienced this already to some degree when they are so deeply concentrated on their work that they forget about themselves. The difference to meditation is that the eliciting and deepening of the fourth state of consciousness is specifically practiced, instead of leaving it up to chance.

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